General Sales Conditions



The minimum rental period is 5 days.

For a contract extension, the customer must apply for it before the beginning of the rental. FREELOC gives the customer 15 min ( after signing the contract ), to observe any extra damage on the vehicle (other than those stipulated on the contract).

24 consecutive hours is counted has one day of rent.

Any day exceeded by one hour counts for a whole new day.




The driving license must be presented at the start of each rental.

All official documents of loss or stolen driving licenses will be rejected.

The customer must be at least 21 years old and hold a B driving license (or an official driving license) for at least 3 years. "




The customer agrees to use the vehicle in with the legislation in force.

The customer must use the vehicle only for personal needs, do not participate at any competition, do not use the vehicle for illicit purposes or to transport goods, do not transport people for good gesture, do not rent the vehicle, do not fill any type of document concerning the vehicle, do not carry more passengers than the one shown on the car registration document, do not use roads where the surface or condition of the road puts the vehicle at risk.


The customer agrees to report immediately any incident or damage,

The customer must not do any repair without prior agreement of the owner, under the risk of legal pursuit. "

The customer will NOT:

Let someone else drive if not designated on the rental agreement.

Drive or let someone drive   under the influence of any substances that could harm the safety of anyone and the property of the company.

We remind you that FREELOC has a NO SMOKING policy for all vehicles (cleaning fee at your charge in case of non respect of this condition.

A cigarette burn ... will be billed and taken on the deposit for 200 €) and that the customer agrees not to leave any documents in vehicle when it is unoccupied. The customer is responsible for using the device to close all doors and windows.

The customer is responsible for any fines during the rental.




We advise you to pay your rental by credit card.

A credit card deposit will be required when the vehicle is taken.

The credit card should have the name and surname of the customer responsible of the rental.

The customer will have to pay the amount of the rental before taking the car.

Payment can be made in cash, credit card or bank transfer

In the case of a rate discount, if the customer doesn't respect the rental period agreed when the vehicle was taken, FREELOC will charge the extra days until the car is retrieved. Any refund will be sent to you by check within 30 days.





Our rates include:

Vehicle availability

Unlimited mileage.

Super cover (insurance).

The VAT in force (TAX)


Our rates do not include:

Fuel: Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level as at the start.

Otherwise a penalty of 25 € will be applied, the missing fuel will be invoiced to the customer whit an increase of 20 Euros per quarter of gasoline missing.

In the event of strikes or any inability to refuel, the vehicle must be returned with at least the reserve.

Vehicle cleanliness: the vehicle must be returned in the same state of cleanliness as at the beginning of the rental, if not the customer will have to pay the amount of the cleaning (40 Euros minimum and / or 20 € minimum for the outside), which will be billed (this fees will not be taken from the deposit).

In the" cleaning option ", the customer must return the vehicle in a reasonable state of cleanliness;

The FREELOC services will evaluate the condition of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is not clean, (sand on the carpet)

The cleaning will be at the customer's expense. the availability of cleaning tools (vacuum cleaner, soap and others) will be charged 30.00 €


The damages inspection will be done once the vehicle is clean. For this purpose the customer is required (before the returning the car) to clean the vehicle at it’s own internal and external expense.

Many gaz stations with pressure wash systems and vacuum cleaners are at your disposal throughout the island.

The cost for second keys deliveries (lost, stolen or broke) will be charged 50 Euros for 50 kms from the airport and 80 Euros beyond.

The replacement of such keys will be billed 300€.

Towing the vehicle in the event of an accident, or accidental cause.


In case of puncture or deterioration of the tires and rims.

In case of stolen wheel covers. The cost will be on the customer expenses (not included in the deposit).

The customer is responsible for any fine and toll, a fees of 19.99€ will be charged.

Rearview mirror missing or broken (will be charged 35 €).

Body: Deterioration of the paint on an element of bodywork without deformation: 275 € per item.

Repairable deformation of a body element: 385 € per element.

Deformation requiring replacement of one item or more: on quotation.

Interior of the vehicle deteriorated: on estimate.

The complete safety kit 20 € (ethyl tests used must be replaced).

Seats burned or indelible spot: 200 €



The booking will be fully confirmed when FREELOC will have received from the customer the full amount of the rental.

This payment can be made by check, bank transfer, bank card or cash.

Please note that the cancellation fee is 35,00€



Additional driver (20.00 €): Only drivers mentioned in the contract are authorized to drive the vehicle of FREELOC. Any additional drivers must be mentioned to the company (FREELOC) so that the insurance coverage is effective.

A Young Driver fee will be requested for drivers or drivers over 21 years and under 25 years old and charged 50 € regardless of the rental period.

The self cleaning option is available at 29,00 €.

In case of refusal of this option, you must pay a fee covering the possible cleaning costs back.

This fee is 60,00 € for the complete cleaning (30,00 € inside and 30,00 € outside).





Extra equipment will be available (if selected) at the time of booking confirmation. Those extra equipment can only be paid in cash at the FREELOC agency Extra equipment are not part of the rental agreement

For any baby seats etc… if restored dirty or damaged,

FREELOC will charge 30€, if not restored FREELOC will charge 100€ .

In the case of the never lost malfunctioning or not restored, FREELOC will charge 250€





RENTAL EXTENSIONS, the customer will have to confirm and pay the extension before the end of the contract. If not a fixed penalty of 20 € / day will be applied in addition to the daily rate.


FREELOC has 48 hours after the return of the vehicle to detect any damage caused by the customer

FREELOC has up to 48 hours for the return the customer's deposit.

DELAY, the day of hiring is for a day of 24 consecutive hours. Any day exceeding one hour counts for a whole day.

The return of the vehicle, keys, copy of the car registration, and insurance certificate can stop the rental.

Early returns of the vehicle will not be reimbursed by FREELOC.

The No return of the vehicle at the scheduled return date exposes the customer to legal pursuit.




All FREELOC vehicles have a all-risk insurance policy from GFA Caraïbes. In the event of a claim, a deductible of 950 € might be due.

Visa Premier or Gold cardholders benefit from the refund of the deductible (by the insurance included to your CB), after payment to FREELOC.


The deposit will be taken by bank or cash (no checks).

Amount of the deposit: 850.00 €.

The non-return of the FREELOC vehicle under the stipulated conditions will result with the lost of the deposit.

With no damage and all rental conditions respected the deposit will be refunded at the end of the rental (2 to 48 hours maximum)



FREELOC has the right to modify these General Rental Conditions without prior notice.

The customer should consult them regularly.